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///Our Story///

Barron Collier, the county’s namesake, came to Southwest Florida in the early 1900s and was integral in agricultural and commercial endeavors, including the completion of the Tamiami Trail, the highway that opened the east-west commercial corridor between Tampa and Miami. His grandchildren and great-grandchildren now oversee the family operations including venerable successes in mineral management, real estate and community development, agriculture, and philanthropy.

Enter the fourth generation of Colliers and their desire to grow a sustainable, organic farm in Southwest Florida. Harnessing years of family experience, they planted the first field of crops in early 2012, following strict organic farming methods, eventually leading to their official USDA organic certification in 2013. The Ave Maria farm store grand opening and CSA program debuted in the fall of 2012 and word spread throughout the Naples community about the top quality, friendly customer service, and incredible passion of Collier Family Farms.

Now entering its third growing season, Collier Family Farms has expanded to more than just a farm. Farm tours, educational outreach, special events, and local philanthropy are part of everyday operations. A firm commitment to the local Collier county community resonates from their neighbors in Ave Maria all the way to the coastal communities along the Gulf of Mexico.

Closed for Summer.

5321 Ave Maria Blvd.
Ave Maria, FL 34142
(239) 207-5231

It's official! Collier Family Farms received their Certified Organic designation from the USDA National Organic Program.

We farm using only organic practices including production, handling, and processing to bring you the very best possible product and citrus.



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  • "He's a good egg and a long run, as long as you like long runny eggs"
    — Farmer Elvie
  • "Never been happier and never had less"
    — Farmer Bobby
  • "Rain before seven, fine before eleven"
    — Old Farmer Almanac
  • "I never ask what I know about"
    — Farmer Elvie
  • "That was a good idea at the wrong time"
    — Farmer Elvie
  • "I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night"
    — Farmer Elvie
  • "I know a lot more about this than I understand."
    — Farmer Elvie
  • "She scratches where it don’t itch"
    — Farmer Elvie
  • "Even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then"
    — Farmer Bobby
  • "If you don't set a goal, you don't know when you get there"
    — Farmer Elvie
  • "You caynt starve a hog fat"
    — Farmer Bobby
  • "I have more fun than a slinky on an escalator"
    — Farmer Elvie
  • "A business without a card, is a sign of no business"
    — Farmer Bobby
  • "You can sit on a front porch and break even"
    — Farmer Elvie

Collier Family Farms | 5321 Ave Maria Boulevard, Ave Maria, Florida 34142 | (239) 207-5231